4 Tactics for Surviving Valentine’s Day Single

At one point or another in our lives, we all did Valentine’s Day single. We’re going to talk about those times, and how you can get through this February 14th the way you want to.

Listen, friend. We’ve all been there.

Going through Valentine’s Day single can either be a total heartbreak or no big deal. And if there is anyone who knows about these kinds of days, it’s me.

I have spent many a Valentine’s Day single. There have definitely been rough days where I wanted to have a significant other. I wanted to share my Valentine’s Day with someone instead of being by myself. This feeling was especially prominent when I dealt with a break-up just a month or so before Valentine’s Day. I wanted that so bad, even though I’ve always kind of hated the chintzy feel of this Hallmark holiday.

And then there are many times that I didn’t care one way or the other. I distinctly remember one year while I was in high school, I looked through “forever alone” memes and I laughed about it. It felt so clichéd, but it was fun nonetheless. I shook my head and laughed in spite of myself.

You gotta be able to laugh at yourself, y’know?

Anyway, I tossed the idea back in forth on whether I was going to write something about Valentine’s Day this year, or skip it all together. I was thinking of writing out some sort of recipe, but I didn’t want to do some red and pink-colored food and then hate myself for it.

I mean, I’m still writing about Valentine’s day, just Valentine’s Day single. This is genuine, okay?! I’m sorry if this is a tired subject. At least I recognize that I am probably not going to be the first (or last) person to write about this subject. Something similar happened to me on New Year’s (which was also the last time I wrote a life post!!). I thought I had this great, original idea. I had it planned out since before I started my blog. It was going to be the post that is going to blow everything out of the water.

We’re going to do goals instead of resolutions. Boom. Mike drop.

But too bad everyone else also thought this was a great idea! Man, I felt really embarrassed. But y’live and y’learn. I’m not too worried about it.

And I know that was off-topic. I really just wanted to get that off my chest.

So! Without further ado, here are my tactics for you while you are doing Valentine’s Day single.

Treat yourself

Seriously! Within budget, of course. Don’t get stupid with your money!


This is the day you’d be normally spending money on someone else. You’ve got flowers, chocolates, prime date ideas, and the notorious wallet killer: jewelry.

Yes, I worked in a jewelry shop. Though it wasn’t “diamonds in a locked glass case” kinda jewelry, we still had men flocking to our stores to empty their bank accounts in the name of love.

And that’s sweet and all, really. But when you are single, you don’t have to worry about spending money on someone else! Take that advantage and treat yourself!

For myself, I think I’ll have me some Netflix and chill.

And by that, I mean actually watching Netflix (#notsponsored) and chilling with my cat and pint of the Tonight Dough (my favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor, also #notsponsored).

But treating yourself can come in many different ways. Maybe it’s taking yourself out to a movie. Maybe it’s buying yourself a diamond necklace. I don’t know. But do whatever makes you happy.

After all, being single is the best time to learn about yourself, and knowing what makes you happy is very important!

People watch

I don’t know if I am bold enough to do this on Valentine’s day, but I love to people watch when I can!

People watching is especially fun when you are in a big city. I remember several times of going to New York and just watching people do their thing.

But what kinds of different events would you see on a holiday like Valentine’s day? More couples and more sad singles? What about awkward couples who went on their first date on Valentine’s Day? Or maybe, you might even see a fight break out between a couple who couldn’t keep it together for this most romantic of Hallmark holidays!

Or would it be like any other day? Only you can find out!

Spend time with friends

Got single friends? Go spend time with them! If you don’t want to be alone, don’t be alone. Make a point to shoot someone a text (or even a call if you are feeling old-fashioned) and have fun!

But I will add a disclaimer to this. Avoid one-on-one time with someone that might cause romantic tension. Valentine’s Day has a weird way of putting more pressure on said romantic tension. I wonder why…

But seriously. Learn from someone with some (awkward) past experience.

Treat it like it’s any other day.

For some people, this is the way it is. They have spent many a Valentine’s Day single that they don’t care to do anything special. I have fallen into that category on several occasions, so I know what it’s like. (I’m doing something different this year—for the blog!)

For other people, this is the way it has to be. This could be someone’s way of just dealing with the day; just pretend it’s not happening. It’s sad and my heart goes out to them. Everyone has their own coping mechanisms.

And that’s okay! Take advantage of the fact that there will probably be more people out on dates and less people in the supermarket. Run your errands. Get done what needs to get done!

Alright, so we covered some different things you can do to get through this Valentine’s Day single. But here is my one tip on what you shouldn’t do:

Hate where you are at (romantically) (or anywhere you are in life, really, but that isn’t the point I am getting to right now)

Look, I know Valentine’s Day can be rough. Holidays can put focuses on different parts of lives that aren’t usually a focus.

For example, on my birthday, I think about the progress I have made throughout the year. Sometimes it is a lot. Sometimes, not so much.

Maybe for you, it is a holiday like Christmas that puts a focus on the family. Family that sometimes isn’t able to come, or you aren’t able to get to them, for any reason. I know it’s tough. I’ve been there.

But if we are not where we want to be, we can’t hate ourselves for it. For someone who has dealt with negative thinking patterns, this isn’t always the easiest.

But one day, you will have a significant other. Maybe even get married and have a permanent Valentine’s Day partner. I know; it sounds crazy, right?

And maybe one day, you might boast more Valentine’s Days with a significant other instead of doing Valentine’s Day single. And you just might miss those Valentine’s days where the only person you had to worry about was yourself!

So seriously. Don’t hate the journey. Embrace these days. Embrace the idea of doing your own thing today!

What are or were some of the activities you would do while you were single on Valentine’s day? Let me know in the comments down below!



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