Mashed Potato Tots

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Mashed Potato Tots | Food Drinks Life

Got way too many leftover mashed potatoes? Yeah, me too. Making mashed potato tots uses up your spuds in an easy and tasty way!

Yields: 1-2 servings



In a small bowl, mix mashed potatoes and egg until thoroughly combined.

Turn stove onto medium-low heat. Butter (or spray) the bottom of a non-stick pan.

Once the pan is heated, use a teaspoon to place heaping dollops of the mashed potato mixture into the pan. Do not overcrowd.

Cook on the first side until golden brown, about 3 minutes. Flip over and mash the tot into the pan slightly so that the tot is in direct contact with the pan. Cook for another 1-2 minutes.

Serve immediately on its own or with toppings normally found on potatoes (cheese, sour cream, chives, etc.).