7 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit (When it’s Hard)

Some years, getting into the Christmas spirit is a little harder than others. Here are a few tips I’ve used to get me feeling more jolly this season!

Can I be honest with you guys? Of course I can. I’d say I’m pretty open with you all!

I haven’t been feeling the Christmas spirit this season.

Man, I am the queen of downer Christmas posts! Last year it was dealing with loss during the holidays, and today it’s a lack of Christmas spirit? I will say, if you are feeling the Christmas spirit and don’t want to read such a somber post, I highly recommend reading and trying my eggnog latte recipe instead! Very festive and very caffeinated. 🙂

And no, I’m not saying the holiday spirit. Unless you want to correct me in the comments and let me know that you get into the Hannukah or Kwanza spirit, we’re talking very specifically about Christmas. 

I mean, I love Christmas. But between family craziness and the busy work of everyday life, Christmas this year has taken a back seat.

Actually, even worse, Christmas has become a “going through the motions” ordeal. Get presents. Wrap presents. Decorate. Tolerate Christmas music. Place cookies in my facehole. Repeat. (Not complaining about the cookies in my facehole part though!)

But still, not exactly what I planned for one of my favorite holidays of the year.

Then I realized, there are others that are dealing with a sucky Christmas season too.

Whether it’s being away from home, dealing with a breakup, dealing with a bout of depression or even dealing with a loss like I talked about last year, Christmases aren’t always pleasant.

And to be honest, I didn’t want to force a whole happy, jolly Christmas post if I wasn’t feeling it. I’ve been told that you all can tell when I’m not genuine with my emotions, so why force it? I’d rather be real with you guys, any day of the week.

So with that, I’m going to give you not only my tips, but what fellow readers and other bloggers do to get themselves into the Christmas spirit!

7 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit | Food Drinks Life
What is starting small for you? | Photo by Pixabay

Start small.

Whatever starting small is to you, try it out. For me, starting out small is just getting some Christmas music in my ears. I can take pop and classic Christmas jingles for a small while, but after about an hour you start to hear the same songs, just sung by different people.

For extended Christmas music listening, I like some Christmas jazz. Not only does it sound great it makes me feel like I’m at a laid-back Christmas party. 🙂

So what’s a small step for you? Maybe it’s making a batch of break and bake cookies. Or maybe it’s buying a present for someone. Do something that makes you happy.

Get some nostalgia.

Nothing quite creates some Christmas spirit like doing something you did growing up. For me, it’s making gingerbread houses!

I remember making bigger houses when I was younger and always running out of patience for the icing to dry. But seriously, can you blame me? I was like 9 years old and all I wanted to do was decorate. None of this, waiting for hours thing. What the heck is “structural integrity”? What is “Gem, don’t try and put the roof on or the whole thng is going to fall down”? 

Nope, none of the above registers in a child’s brain.

Let’s just say, a lot of gingerbread houses fell down growing up! Now I really only buy the mini house kits. They don’t take nearly as long to dry. I never said I developed the patience!

Other sources of nostalgia may include chopping down a fresh tree, making cookies, going to a Christmas bazaar, or a Christmas parade.

Speaking of Christmas parades…

7 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit | Food Drinks Life
Well, this isn’t my parade, but you know what I’m getting at! | Photo by Pixabay

Find a local Christmas themed event, and go to it!

The lovely thing about this time of year is that it seems like everyone is doing something in the community. Whether it is parades, bazaars/craft fairs, pictures with Santa, festivals, or pancake breakfasts, you can bet there is some Christmas cheer waiting for you.

This year, I went to a local parade in Connecticut. It was small, but it was nice to just see the floats, people, and all the children clamoring to get candy and waiting for Santa to come down the street.

Plus, going to these events gets you around other people! Segue!

Slow down and spend time with people.

Now, I know this is hard for people who don’t have their family around. Maybe you just moved, or maybe you lost someone near to you.

I’m fortunate to have most of my family with me here. Plus, I have a new niece to celebrate Christmas with!

But even when I am feeling lonely, I take comfort in going out and being with people. Meetups (not sponsored) are good for that, and so is volunteering! I have made friends in both instances.

But if you do have your family and friends around, utilize them. Those who love and/or care about you want to see you happy. 

And slow down a little, would you?! The craziness of everyday life has a way of robbing us of Christmas happiness. Use your five senses. Really take in all that you have right now, both the people and the things around you. No two Christmases are ever the same.

7 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit | Food Drinks Life
Photo by Pixabay

Know that you are not alone.

Sound cheesy? Yes, I know it does. But I’m telling the truth!

Seriously, be open about it. Talk to your family and friends about your Christmas conundrum. Let them know you’re struggling. You never know; maybe they’re struggling too. Maybe they’re dealing with the same thing, or something similar.

But you’ll never know unless you say something.

At the same time, even if they aren’t feeling down, this gives you an opportunity to spend time with people you care about. And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Now, since I am working on getting my Christmas spirit up, I needed a little help from readers and fellow bloggers.

Here are a couple of the suggestions I received!

7 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit | Food Drinks Life
Photo by Pixabay

Sheri at Essential Dreamers said that she likes to diffuse some “Christmas spirit” essential oil! And Although I’m personally not into the whole essential oils business, I do like to burn candles or melt tarts. Nothing quite smells like Christmas like sugar cookie or pine candles. And as a two for one, if you don’t want to bake, you can burn a cookie-scented candle instead! Instant Christmas.

Write down what you are grateful for.

Lastly, Angelica at Of Hart and Mind submitted this tidbit:

“Because we can’t always travel to be around family for the holidays, Christmas can feel lonely without extended family around. It’s hard to get into the spirit. but I had a moment of gratitude; I wrote about everything I was blessed with and grateful for this holiday season. Writing it down helped me realize all I was thankful and excited for this holiday season.”

Okay, Angelica, I see where you’re going with this. I’ll give it a try.

I am thankful for many things.

I am thankful for my Christian faith, which helps me so much in my life. Whether it be God or the community that surrounds Him, my faith keeps me afloat in perilous times.

I am thankful for my family, and especially my mother and father. They have encouraged me to follow my dreams and what makes me happy. Without them, the blog would have stayed in concept stages for just about forever.

I am thankful for my goddaughter, who gives me life and inspiration in ways I’m not sure if she’ll ever know. I aspire to be more like her and her unwavering charisma. She, too, inspires my blog to be what it is today.

And speaking of my blog, I am thankful for Food Drinks Life, and the community that has been built around it. This blog has taught me so much, and all of which you can read on in my one-year blogiversary post. 🙂

I am thankful for food. Getting to try new food, creating new recipes, and the ability to refine my palate are all things that excite me in the culinary world. 

I’m thankful that I get to see a new Christmas, whether I’m in the holly jolly spirit or not. I get to spend time with friends and family. And I get to make my family happy.

That is what makes me happy.

What helps you get into the Christmas spirit? Let me know in those comments down below!

Cheers dears!


7 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit (When it's Hard) | Food Drinks Life
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