My Car Breakdown: A Testimony Story

I’m pretty open with my Christian faith, so today will be no different. I want to share a story with you about some seemingly minute details of me and my car that kept me from dying this week.

So I’m pretty open about my faith with you guys.

I’ve been a Christian my entire life, and I don’t plan on straying from that. If you read my about me page, that is the first thing I say about myself. Yes, that was very much on purpose! 

I know I haven’t posted in a bit and I am truly sorry. There’s a lot of things I’ve been working on figuring out in my life, and blogging twice a week was one of them.

Like I told my family and friends, I started to not look forward to blogging as much. I love writing and I have this newfound passion for sharing my writing with others! So in the spirit of trial and error, I’m going to try posting once a week. I’m learning about the inner workings of blogging and myself at the same time. So when I thank you for coming on this journey with me, I truly mean it!

Apologies aside, I wanted to give you a little testimony of something that happened this week with my car.

For those who don’t know, a testimony is a telling of an event that happens in someone’s life that stands as a miracle or answered prayer. Basically, something that God has done in someone’s life lately. This isn’t a testimony for a court case!

Anyway, I was on the road on the way home from church, when I heard something inside me telling me to go to the flea market. There is a flea market that’s a few miles from my church, but I don’t go very often. It’s in an old, dusty building that used to be a mill. The building is filled to the brim with antiques, knicknacks, and interesting characters that sell at their stalls.

Now whatever you want to chalk up that inner voice to, whether it’s a higher being, intuition, or me just going crazy, that’s for you and your conscience to decide. For me and all intents and purposes, I say it was God. I couldn’t shake the fact that I needed to go there.

But at first, I said, “It can’t be God. The dust in that old mill is so thick that I should really go in with a face mask (you know, the ones that cover your mouth and nose). I also don’t have the money to be going to the flea market today. So no, I’m not going.” And I went to my first stop after church, which was the grocery store.

Yes, apparently I love punishment and I went to the grocery store on a Sunday.

As I was leaving, I hit a crossroad.

One side turned me to the highway, and subsequently straight home. The other side of the road went straight, going to the flea market.

And I heard it again: I needed to get to the flea market.

Eventually, I conceded. Maybe there was someone there I was to talk to, meet, or share my faith with. So with some irritation, I went straight.

I got there and started walking around. Much like the dust, I covered almost every inch of that flea market! It was nice to get out of the house after church for a bit, though. Sometimes you can find super cool stuff at the flea market.

After being in the mill for an hour, I could feel my nose and chest burn. The dust felt like it was suffocating me and I had to get out of there.

So I got to my car, turned it on, and began to drive out of the lot. I put my blinker on to go left.

Photo credit: ** RCB ** via Visual hunt / CC BY

I drove into the road and… nothing.

The car would not accelerate. I was rolling across the road at 2 miles per hour.  Drivers coming in from the right had a small hill to get over that is just enough to block their view of oncoming traffic. Their car would be practically lodged in the side of my car before they saw me! If someone had driven over that little hill at normal speed, I would have been T-boned.

But thankfully, I made it to the other side to a side road with a little spot in the shade.

I put the car in park, but it kept rolling.

I put the E-brake on, but it still kept rolling.

So at this point, I was physically trapped and freaking out in the driver’s seat.  Who do I call first? My dad? AAA? 911? I was freaking out. Did I mention I was freaking out?

I started with my dad, hoping he was still in the area after church. I knew this was a long shot, considering church had ended over an hour before.

But guess what? He was only a few minutes up the road! He was able to swing by super easily to take a look at the car. I originally thought I hit something and my bumper caved in. The bumper on my car is super low, so it’s not anything that would have surprised me. But fortunately/unfortunately, that is not the case. It seems more like transmission problems to me.

So after everything was said and done, I was able to call AAA to tow my car. In the meantime, I was in a relatively safe, shaded area.

As I sat in the car, I thanked God for this miracle.

What if I hadn’t listened to that voice inside me?

What if my transmission gave while I was on the highway, or anywhere else for that matter? Could my transmission break down while I was going 65-70 miles per hour down the highway? And if yes, could I have also stopped abruptly in the middle of the highway? I think that is the scariest prospect because if that is possible, I could have gotten very severely rear-ended. Like face pancake rear-ended.

If I somehow was able to make it to the breakdown lane, I would have been stranded on the highway, in the sun, away from everyone, and pretty vulnerable too. I hate being stuck on the side of the highway.

Instead, I was taken care of, safe and was brought home in one piece.

And you may be thinking, Gem, this doesn’t seem like a praise report! (a praise report is another word for a testimony.) But if you knew my car, Giggles, this was a miracle. Giggles inherited its name from the number of problems I have had with it. But more on that later. That car is a post of its own. Let’s just say, at that moment, I didn’t care about the car. I cared more about getting home with all my bones and organs where they should be.

And even while I tried to keep the post short, I’m still long winded! Man, I just have to aim to keep all of my posts short. I just really love writing, guys.

Have you ever had a car breakdown that really freaked you out? Leave your story in the comments down below!



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