Creamy Pesto Tomato Poppers: A Refreshing Appetizer

Looking for something for an appetizer that is just as easy as it is tasty? These creamy pesto tomato poppers will do just the trick!

This recipe was inspired by a Meetup I went to recently.

Meetup (#notsponsored), if you don’t know what it is, is an app/website where you can make or go to groups in your area to meet new people! The groups can be anything: this group just so happened to be a outdoorsy/happy hour meetup.

The premise of this particular meetup was simple. It was a time to chill out, BYOB, and bring an appetizer to share.

Appetizer to share? I thought.

I had two options.

One, I admit defeat, go to the store, and buy food. I run the risk of being chastised for being the food blogger that won’t even make food for the group! It was the quicker option, but most definitely the easy way out.

Or two, I take the extra time to think of and make an appetizer for my Meetup people. This would be the perfect time to take everyone up on their offer of being my “guinea pigs” for my food experiments! The more mouths that taste my food before it goes on the blog, the better.

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